Common Diet Myths

Myth: Eating late at night can cause obesity.

The number of calories you consume is the key to either gaining or losing, not what time you eat or even how many times a day you eat. Some studies have shown that people who eat breakfast tend to be slimmer but, really, it isn’t good to skip any meal. You will just end up too hungry and over eat at the next meal.

Myth: Drinking eight glasses of water will help you lose weight.

Sure, water is important to our health. But, even eating foods containing water, like soup, will help hydrate you and that is really what it is important.

Myth: High fructose corn syrup makes you fat.

This myth actually became a fad starting around 2003 after researchers noticed obesity in the U.S. was closely linked to the rise in the use of high fructose corn syrup in our foods. There really hasn’t been any strong evidence to show that our bodies process high fructose corn syrup differently than sugar.

Myth: Eating small, frequent meals helps you lose weight and boosts metabolism.

The theory of eating many small meals throughout the day to burn more calories is a myth. The total calories you consume throughout the day, combined with the amount of energy you expend, will decide how much you ultimately gain or lose.

Myth: Pasta makes you fat.

No matter what form your calorie intake comes in (carbohydrates, protein, or fats), they all will be stored as fat if not burned off. However, vegetables and fruits are a better choice.

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Budget Shopping Tips

It’s not hard to cut household spending. The state of the economy today puts pressure on everyone. When limited to a budget, there are ways to get what you want and need without going over budget.

House brand items can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of name brand items, and the difference is negligible. In blind studies, most people can’t tell the difference between many name brand items and house brand items. Buying the house brand versions of things you need can cut your grocery bill in half.

Children cost a lot. It’s a fact. One way to cut costs is to buy children’s shoes at discount shoe stores. Going into a high end shoe store and paying $65 for a pair of shoes that a child will grow out of in just a few months is not budget-friendly. Discount shoe stores sell many types of children’s shoes for under $20 a pair.


Finding discount clothing can be a challenge. Search your area for discount shops that sell high end brands for low prices. Many such stores exist; you just have to find them. This is a particularly good option for people who wear average sizes, as average sized people will have the most options in discount stores.

The next time you go shopping, keep these things in mind. It is possible to save money, but still get everything you might need. Implementing all three of these suggestions can cut a household’s spending dramatically. Finally an interesting fact: The majority of women who like shopping less often suffer from depression. Source: